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152nd Street Soccer Complex

Discovering the 152nd Street Soccer Complex: A Place for Soccer Fans in Marysville

The 152nd Street Soccer Complex, located in Marysville, Washington, is a popular soccer destination that has played a significant role in the local soccer community. The complex boasts several different fields for all levels of soccer players to train and compete on. This article will explore the history, features, amenities, and the important role that the 152nd Street Soccer Complex plays in the Marysville community.




The 152nd Street Soccer Complex was established in the late 1990s to provide a space for the local soccer community to train and compete. The complex was built on land donated by the Marysville School District, and it has since become a vital soccer facility in the region. The complex has undergone several renovations over the years to meet the demands of the growing soccer community.




The 152nd Street Soccer Complex offers a range of features that make it popular among soccer enthusiasts. The complex features several different fields, including a turf field, a grass field, and a combination of synthetic and natural grass fields. There are also smaller fields that are ideal for youth programs or training sessions. The complex is home to several different soccer clubs and leagues, and it hosts numerous games and tournaments throughout the year.


Another unique feature of the 152nd Street Soccer Complex is the stadium seating that surrounds the turf field. The seating provides an ideal location for spectators to watch the games and cheer on their favorite teams. The stadium seating can accommodate several hundred people and provides a great viewing experience for those who love soccer.




The 152nd Street Soccer Complex offers several amenities to ensure that players, coaches, and spectators have a comfortable and convenient experience while at the complex. There are restrooms and water fountains available throughout the complex, as well as ample parking spaces for visitors.


The complex also has a concession stand that offers a range of food and beverage options. The stand serves hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, snacks, and a variety of soft drinks. The concession stand provides a convenient way for visitors to refuel during games and tournaments.


Role in the Community


The 152nd Street Soccer Complex plays an important role in the Marysville community. It provides a space for local soccer teams, clubs, and leagues to train and compete. The complex also attracts visitors from all over the region, who come to participate in tournaments and games that are hosted at the complex. As a result, the complex contributes to the local economy by bringing in visitors who utilize local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.


Additionally, the 152nd Street Soccer Complex serves as a community gathering place. It provides a common space for local families to come together, watch soccer games, and enjoy the outdoors. The complex promotes health and wellness by encouraging physical activity, and it provides an opportunity for youth to learn important values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication.




The 152nd Street Soccer Complex is an essential destination in Marysville for soccer enthusiasts. Its history, remarkable features, convenient amenities, and important role in the local community make it a must-visit location for anyone interested in soccer. The complex will continue to serve as a vital soccer facility, providing a space where soccer enthusiasts young and old can build their skills and experience the joy of the game. So, lace up your soccer cleats or bring a chair and enjoy the excitement of the 152nd Street Soccer Complex today.

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