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Comeford Park

Unfolding The Legacy of Comeford Park: A Bonafide Community Haven



Tucked in the heart of Marysville, Washington, the picturesque domain of Comeford Park reflects a rich tapestry of history and vibrant community values. Adorned with lush greenery and top-tier amenities, it encapsulates a fulfilling experience for every visitor. Let's take an enlightening stroll through this emblematic turf – a site that carries the essence of community spirit and a seamless intertwining of past and present.




The origin of the park traces back to the late 1880s when James P. Comeford, founder and the first mayor of Marysville, strategically donated the land for public purposes. Ever since its inception, Comeford Park has been a focal point of the city, witnessing profound transformations whilst preserving its unique charm.


Features and Amenities


Spread over an expansive area of 2.2 acres, Comeford Park offers a delightful blend of world-class amenities enveloped within its serene ambiance. The deep emerald green grass is punctuated by amenities including:

  • A contemporary playground catering to youngsters

  • Well-maintained restrooms

  • A meticulously landscaped rotary garden

  • Adequate benches and picnic tables for leisurely activities


Essentially, Comeford Park is an all-season park with its colossal gazebo. This architectural splendor is an indispensable feature hosting an array of public gatherings, irrespective of the weather vagaries.

Safety at the park remains paramount with a robust Lighting system in place. Accessibility is uncomplicated with a thoughtfully planned Parking area located nearby, allowing ease of visit.


The Park’s Role in the Community


Comeford Park touts a critical role as an enduring social hub for locals. It provides a congenial setting for annual community events like Marysville's Strawberry Festival, significantly immersing the town in a wave of enthusiasm. The inviting gazebo serves as a cusp of cultural exchange featuring music concerts, art festivals and civic functions, encouraging community participation.

Certain distinctive fundraising endeavors like the Rotary Garden's "Buy a Brick" program have found their roots in Comeford Park, testament to its significant community influence. Here, residents can purchase and engrave a brick, thereby contributing towards local scholarships and community projects.


Charity Runs and Health Events


A venue for wellness and sports activities is a role that the Comeford Park modestly assumes. The lush green layout has been a revered host for numerous charity runs and health-related events like Walk with a Doc - an initiative that aims at fostering a healthier lifestyle.




Engirdled with all-embracing features and a historical legacy, Comeford Park continues to be a pinnacle of community engagement in Marysville. From recreational amenities to cultural exchange platforms, the park stands as a testament to the city's commitment to fostering a close-knit community. It is here, amidst the musical whispers of the rustling leaves and merry laughter of the residents, that your pursuit of happiness finds its address.

Let it be said, Comeford Park isn't simply an urban green space, it is an emotion deeply etched in the heart of the Marysville community.

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