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Davies Beach in Lake Stevens, WA


Davies Beach is a great destination for anyone looking to explore Lake Stevens and its surrounding area. The beach itself is relatively small, but it offers plenty of space for swimming and sunbathing. There's also a small pavilion with picnic tables where you can enjoy lunch or snacks while you take in the views around you.

If you're looking for an easy hike that won't require much effort, Davies Beach is perfect--it's only about 0.5 miles long from one end to the other! It's also wide enough so that there aren't many obstacles in your way as far as getting around goes; however, there are some rocky areas near both ends of this trail (which makes sense given its name).

History of Davies Beach

Davies Beach is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. It's also one of the best places to go windsurfing in Western Washington, which means it can get busy on windy days! The beach itself was created by a landslide in the late 1800s, when part of Mount Index collapsed into Lake Stevens; this left behind some pretty cool rock formations that make great photo opportunities.
The current name came from the Davies family who owned land nearby, but there are other stories about how this place got its name as well: one suggests that it may have been named after a man named "Davy" who lived nearby; another says that it comes from an old Native American word meaning "safe harbor."

Activities at Davies Beach

  • Swimming: The lake is a popular spot for swimming, and it's even better when you can do it in your own backyard!

  • Fishing: If you're looking to catch some bass or trout, Davies Beach has plenty of spots where you can drop your line.

  • Boating: This is one of the best places on Lake Stevens for boating because there are no motor restrictions here--you can get out there and go as fast as your vessel will carry you!

  • Kayaking/Canoeing: If paddling around in calm waters sounds more appealing than speeding across them in a motorboat or jet ski, then this might be just what the doctor ordered (if he were a kayak enthusiast).

  • Hiking/Running Trails: There are several hiking trails that lead down through ravines towards the beachfront property line at Davies Beach Park--they're great ways to get some exercise without having far away from home!

Local Wildlife

  • Birds: The variety of birds at Davies Beach is impressive. You can see many different species from the shoreline, including cormorants, gulls and pelicans.

  • Fish: If you're looking for some fishing action, Davies Beach is a great place to do so! There are plenty of fish in Lake Stevens that will catch your eye with their vibrant colors and patterns (and also because they're swimming right next to you).

  • Mammals: There are several mammals that call Davies Beach home--including deer, rabbits and squirrels--but if you want to see something truly special then come during winter when musk oxen migrate through this area on their way north each year! They're huge animals with thick fur coats that make them look like polar bears crossed with sheep...but cuter than both!

  • Reptiles/Amphibians/Insects: These critters aren't as common as other types at Davies Beach but they do exist here too! You might see snakes slithering across rocks or frogs hopping around after rainstorms; don't worry though because these reptiles aren't poisonous so don't worry about getting bitten by one (unless it's an extremely venomous species).

Local Flora

  • Trees

  • Shrubs

  • Grasses

  • Wildflowers

  • Aquatic plants

Things to See

  • Waterfalls. The waterfalls are the most obvious attraction at Davies Beach, and they're also the most popular. You can easily see them from the parking lot or from a trail that leads down to them.

  • Views of Lake Stevens and Mount Pilchuck. From any vantage point on Davies Beach, you'll have views of Lake Stevens and Mount Pilchuck (the mountain).

  • Wildlife viewing opportunities include birds like bald eagles and ospreys; deer; raccoons; beavers; otters; squirrels--and more!

  • Plant life includes Douglas fir trees as well as other types of trees like cedar, hemlock and spruce trees scattered throughout this area along with shrubs such as huckleberry bushes

Places to Eat

  • Restaurants

  • Cafes

  • Food trucks

  • Picnic areas


Lake Stevens has a wide variety of accommodations to suit your needs. You can choose from hotels, camping, cabins and RV parks.

Hotels are the most common type of accommodation in Lake Stevens. There are many different hotels that offer rooms with different amenities and prices depending on what you're looking for. Some hotels offer free breakfast while others have pools and spas on site. Hotels can be found anywhere in town but may be closer together near downtown or along Highway 9 where there are more shops and restaurants than other areas of town


  • Festivals

  • Concerts

  • Art shows and markets

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